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Great Camper Trailer Loan Deals

We have a panel of lenders who offer great Camper Trailer Loans. Most Banks try to make customers take out expensive personal loans to finance their camper trailer. By securing a dedicated, low cost Camper Trailer Loan you will be saving money. Our LoanBay Lending Specialists will help you find the right loan. 

What Are The Options?

There are different ways to finance your camper trailer. Some are much better than others.

Most banks don’t have specific Camper Trailer Loans. So, watch out if they try to make you take out an unsecured personal loan. You would be paying a much higher interest rate than what we can get you for a dedicated Camper Trailer Loan.

Be careful if the Banks suggest to top up your home loan to purchase a camper trailer. They do this because they make more money off you by extending your home loan term. The extra amount is financed over a much longer term than a dedicated Camper Trailer Loan. A home loan term can be as long as 30 years while a Camper Trailer Loan will be up to 7 years. Paying the loan back quicker will save you interest and you will pay less for your camper trailer overall.

Our LoanBay Lending Specialists have access to some of the best Camper Trailer Loans on the market. Call us on 1300 11 70 30 to find out more.

What Makes A Great Camper Trailer Loan?

A great Camper Trailer Loan has a low interest rate, low set up fees and the flexibility to repay the loan weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can pay extra off the loan is you like and finish the Camper Trailer Loan earlier than contracted, often with no penalty.

Different lenders have slightly different terms and conditions for their Camper Trailer Loans. When you speak with one of our Lending Specialists we can guide you to the one that best suits your needs.

How To Apply For A Camper Trailer Loan?

To apply for a Camper Trailer Loan you will need to be 18 years of age or over and be employed. Call our Lending Specialists who will get to know you and your circumstance and then advise you on the best Bank to choose for your Camper Trailer Loan. The application process can take under 20 minutes on the phone.

As part of any finance application, a privacy form will need to be signed by you. This gives us your permission to lodge an application on your behalf. We will email this to you so you can sign and return it so we can start your Camper Trailer Loan application. We will also ask for a photo of your drivers license that you can SMS to us. In most cases we will also need your 2 most recent pay slips.

When Will I Know If I Have Been Approved?

After we submit your Camper Trailer Loan application together with your privacy form, ID and pay slips, you should get an answer the following day. In many cases we receive an answer on the same day.

We will let you know as soon as we hear the outcome of your Camper Trailer Loan. As soon as we submit the application we get the next step ready. This includes requesting a tax invoice from where you are purchasing the camper trailer from so the Bank can fund the loan without delay once approved.

When Can You Pick Up Your Camper Trailer?

Funding your Camper Trailer Loan is normally done in real time. So, once you are approved and we have the tax invoice from the dealer or current owner, the Bank pays the invoice. Most of them use a real time money transfer system which means your Camper Trailer Loan is funded quickly, and you can collect your new camper trailer.

Why Should I Go Through LoanBay?

LoanBay is a finance broker with a difference. We have access to 22 different lenders and we work with them every day. We know which lenders have the best Camper Trailer Loans and we will help you secure the best one, fast.

Our Lending Specialists are all ex Bankers and understand how frustrating it can be dealing with the Banks. We have an ongoing relationship with the right department of each of our lenders and a more streamlined process than you would have if you went to the Bank directly.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service that is friendly, down to earth, professional and we do what we say we are going to do.

Apply for a Camper Trailer Loan by calling our Lending Specialists on 1300 11 70 30.

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