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What Is The Best Way To Finance Your Horse Float?

There are different ways to finance your horse float and a dedicated Horse Float Loan certainly has it’s advantages over some of the alternatives.

Some Banks don’t have specific Horse Float Loan products. Instead they offer you an unsecured personal loan, which can be expensive.

Ideally, you want to finance your horse float with a specific Horse Float Loan. A loan that takes the horse float as security and offers you a lower interest rate in return. This lowers your monthly repayments and you will pay less interest over the Horse Float Loan term. 

What’s The Difference Between A Secured and Unsecured Horse Float Loan?

An unsecured Horse Float Loan can be provided where the horse float is not taken as security by the Bank. If you default on the Horse Float Loan, the Bank ultimately will not take your horse float from you.

A secured Horse Float Loan is often the preferred option because the horse float is taken as security by the Bank. If you default on the Horse Float Loan the Bank may take and sell your horse float to try to recoup some of their losses. A secured Horse Float Lpan has a lower interest rate and could be considered a better way to finance a horse float by some. Although technically the Bank can sell your horse float if you default on the Horse Float Loan, they rarely do.

Is A Horse Float Loan Similar To A Normal Personal Loan?

A Horse Float Loan is a specialised personal loan. You will make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments at an agreed amount. A LoanBay Lending Specialist will show you some great Horse Float Loans that allow you to make extra repayments and pay off the Horse Float Loan with no penalty.

Which Bank Offers The Best Horse Float Loan?

We work with several lenders who offer Horse Float Loans. We have our favourite lenders who we use often because they have great a Horse Float Loan product. Call us on 1300 11 70 30 to discuss your specific scenario with an experienced lender. We will ask a series of questions and know within 10 minutes which Horse Float Loan you would be able to secure more easily. We will tell you all the fine detail of the Horse Float Loan and you can choose which one you want.

How To Apply For A Horse Float Loan

You will need to be 18 years or over and have an income to repay the Horse Float Loan. Our LoanBay Lending Specialists will guide you through an easy application process over the phone. They will email you a privacy form to sign and return and ask for you to text a photo of your drivers licence to them so the Bank has your ID.

In many cases you do not need to know the exact details of your current loans and living expenses. Approximate figures will be ok.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Answer?

These days it is a very quick process to apply for a Horse Float Loan. Our Lending Specialist will ask you to send us your 2 most recent payslips in most cases. If they need anything else they will ask you.

From the time we receive what we have asked for, expect an answer on your Horse Float Loan within 48 hours, possibly sooner.

How Long Before You Can Pick Up Your New Horse Float?

Once your Horse Float Loan has been approved, the loan will be funded on the same, or next business day. We always make sure we have everything we need to fund the Horse Float Loan as soon as the Bank approves it. So, expect a very short time between your Horse Float Loan application and picking up your new horse float.

Why Is LoanBay The Best Option?

We have ongoing relationship with lenders that fund Horse Float Loans every day. This means you can let us do the running around for you knowing that you will get the best deal on the market. We have 22 lenders all fighting for your business so rest assured, we will help you find the Best Horse Float Loan fast!

The LoanBay team are all ex Bankers and understand every aspect of lending. Our job is to make the process as smooth as possible for you. And, we LOVE helping our customers get awesome deals that save you money.

Expect the best customer service you have ever received. Call our friendly Lending Specialists now to apply for your Horse Float Loan.

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