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What Is A Low Doc Loan?

A Low Doc Loan is a loan where you do not have to provide documentation (e.g. tax returns) as evidence of your income. You simply sign a statutory declaration as part of the Low Doc Loan process declaring the amount of income you have received, and that you are telling the truth. 

Does The Bank Check Your Income?

The Bank does not check your income in a Low Doc Loan application. They accept the amount you have self declared as true and correct.

How Is A Low Doc Loan Different To A Normal Loan?

A Low Doc Loan is exactly the same as a normal loan other than you self declare you income. All other parts of the application process are exactly the same. A Low Doc Loan can be easier and quicker to secure because the Bank does not have to assess your income.

Is A Low Doc Loan More Expensive Than A Normal Loan?

The interest rate for a Low Doc Loan used to be a couple of percent higher than normal loans. But, things have changed. These days, there are great Low Doc Loans with low interest rates and good terms.

Which Bank Offers The Best Low Doc Loan?

We work with several lenders who offer Low Doc Loans. We know who has the best deals at any time and will recommend your best options during your application.

How To Apply For A Low Doc Loan

Call us on 1300 11 70 30 to discuss what you are wanting to do. Our LoanBay Lending Specialists have many years in the finance industry and will give you sound advice. They will take your Low Doc Loan application over the phone in under 10 minutes. They will send you a privacy form to sign and return and ask for you to text a photo of your drivers licence to them.

In many cases you do not need to know the exact details of your current loans and living expenses. Approximate figures will be ok.

When Would You Have An Answer?

In most cases, our LoanBay Lending Specialist will be able to give you an answer the same day as they receive the privacy form, drivers licence and take all the information down they need from you. Low Doc Loans are quicker for the Bank to process because they do not have to assess your income. Instead, they just use what ever income you have self declared.

How Long Would It Be Before The Loan Is Funded?

Once your Low Doc Loan has been approved, the loan will be funded on the same, or next business day. We will do anything we can to make sure you enjoy a smooth process with us. We pride ourselves on getting you the best deal from one of our 22 lenders, fast.

If you are purchasing a new work ute for example, we will liaise with the car dealer to get the tax invoice as soon as we take your Low Doc Loan application. This means you are not left waiting days to collect the car after the loan has been approved. We act with a sense of urgency for every customer.

Why Should You Choose LoanBay?

LoanBay is run by experienced lenders. We have existing relationships with the Banks that provide Low Doc Loans and know who has the best deals at any given time. The different Banks have different lending criteria and we wont waste time submitting your Low Doc Loan application unless we are certain it will be approved. And, there are different ways to pitch a Low Doc Low application to the Banks to improve your chance of the application being successful.

We work for you. We find the best Low Doc Loan options for you, we present them to you, and you choose which one best suits your needs.

Every Lending Specialist on our team are ex Bankers and we love nothing more than finding our customers the best Low Doc Loans, fast! The more we can save you, the better.

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